The Northern NSW Show Horse Association Inc proudly put the 2014 Horseland Northern NSW Hack Championships annual event on and credit must go to the hard working members of this association as this event is extremely well run. Held at Lismore, nestled amongst rolling hills of native bush land it is truly a delightful show . The judges over the four days are Jade Wallis, Elle Mangan, Rachel Wessel and Briony Payne.

Astoria All Star  & Brooke Toomey

Astoria All Star & Brooke Toomey

The big classes of the days were the Grand National qualifying events,  starting with all the show hunters and leading rein. Twelve ponies started in the open leading rein class and they were all lovely little combinations, the winning combination was young Taylor Ryan riding Dunelm Last Dance, led by Paul Dunstin and the runner up was another super cute combination Mondiso Park its About Me ridden by Holly Taunton and assisted by her mum Christine.

The hunter leading rein class was another good class, the winner was Harwood Hooley Dooley again ridden by Holly Taunton putting on a great show, runner up was Windsor Park Soveriegn and her cute rider Cloe.

The show hunter Galloway only had seven starters but the quality was excellent, the winner was very successful Farleigh Highflyer, a lovely horse who although missed a small part of its workout showed very well to take the win. Runner up was another nice horse Lianda Regal Occasion. Show hunter hacks 15-16hh  were next with twelve starters, all really good quality horses and with most working well it would have been a hard class to judge. The winner was Christopher Robin and runner up was LJ Platinum Slippers.

The small hunter pony had seventeen ponies present to the judges,  all great types with the  winner JL Country Charm, who was super cute and worked its little sox’s off.  Runner up was Bellgarra Timden another pony who put his best foot forward for his happy little rider.

The large show hunter pony was another decent sized class the winner was Elvonara Park Kandyman. Runner up was Elvonara Park my Poppins,  interestingly these ponies are full siblings so this win was a good family result.

The large hunter hack only had eleven horses but all were of really good quality the winner was an absolute stand out DP France a big horse in size and movement and worked so well. The large showhunter galloway with nine starters was won by Salisbury Masterpiece and runner up was Langtree X Factor.

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