It only seems like yesterday the time had come to pack away the cameras for the winter and settle into the dark dreary months of winter with no shows and bad TV programs,  yet  this winter has flown by and the show season has started all over again in Victoria. Today was the first day of Melbourne Royal and true to its reputation Melbourne did deliver four seasons in one day just the walk from the parking lot to the arena produced at two seasons, sunny whilst inside the car and so typical pouring once I stepped outside for the walk in!!



The new format seems to have stuck with  all the saddle classes held in the first five days providing (in theory) the best grounds for the  fine footed saddle friends (although the arena did look like it had done a few rounds with Mike Tyson in some places) we kicked off with the Shetland Pony Turnout in Saddle,  the winner was the ever so cute Beardsley & Wardle Families Araylon Torana ridden by Keedie Wardle,  this little combination had a fabulous day gaining ribbons in all their classes and also winning the Leading Rein Pony 12 hands and under with Merivale Park Toy Soldier . The champion ridden shetland was again awarded to the sprightly little Thorpeville Trendy and reserve was another little goer Kristamoor Lodge Kieran.

The Plumb family had a pleasant day and I am not sure they will have enough room for the ponies on the trip home after today’s ribbons are loaded,  their wins included Champion Child’s Pony, Pony Turnout in Saddle  12 – 14 hands with Calvin Park Tiny Dancer with Daizi riding. While Poppi and Bamborough Special Girl won the Pony Turnout in Saddle 12.2 hands and under,  2nd in Pony Turnout in Saddle  12 hands and under.

The stock horses were weak in numbers but this may have something to do with the fact that all the led classes have been moved to the Summer Royal so unless you were also competing in the open classes it may seem like hard work getting all the coats out for one or two classes!  however  Jennifer Emanuel rode her own  Cannibal Creek William to win the Champion Ridden Stock horse and was more than happy to let everyone know how happy she was to do so, was nice to see. William also won the childs stock horse piloted by  Rianna Percy. Reserve was Jones and Tuma-Webb  M-Jay Fortune. The champion working stock horse was won by Ashlee Carrigan-Walshes,  Kardinia Jackman ridden by Stewie Robinson and although I didn’t see the championship I would bet my dollar that Stewie would have gone like a bat out of hell!

Sunday sees all the open and show hunter pony classes and the catalogue shows a decent number of entries for this section so it should be a great day.


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