Three fantastic days of competition and those that qualified they now have the privilege of attending the  special 25th Anniversary Grand National in 2017.

Major Sponsors for this years event were Mitavite – Make a Difference, Cube – Thinking outside the box and The Edwards Family for their generous sponsorship.

Danni Milligan Photography
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"Elvonara Park Lady Gaga" winning Small Show Hunter Pony NE 12.2hh Ridden by Holly Spring Owned by Tara D'Hondt
"Barn Hill Piccalo" in Small Show Hunter Pony NE 12.2hh Owned by Jayne and Isabella Andersen
"Parody" in Small Show Hack over 15hh NE 16hh Ridden and Owned by Jayne Andersen
"Dicavalli Royal Gianni" in Small Show Hunter Hack over 15hh NE 16hh Ridden and Owned by Sarah Ryan
"EBL Romeo" Ridden and owned by Kate Irwin
"Karanga Myriah" in Preliminary Show Hunter Pony Ne 12.2hh Owned by Vanessa Ellaby
"Barn Hill Piccalo" Ridden by Isabella Andersen
"Coxley Silence" in Large Shnow Hack over 16hh Owned by Kirsty Mason
"Royal Oak Foreign Affairs" in Small Show Hack Over 15hh NE 16hh Owned by Emma Barkla
"Dicavalli Royal Rory" Winning Small Show Hunter Hack ober 15hh Ne 16hh Ridden by Paul Austin
Jemma Heran in Adult Rider 17yrs & Under 21 Yrs with "Go Dutch"
"Equest Liberate" Winning Large Show Hunter Hack over 16hh Owned by Paul Austin
"Glen Avon Pythagarus" Ridden by Holly Taunton
"Miss Universe" in Large Show Pony over 12.2hh Ne 14hh Owned by Janice Elliott
Ada Spring wimming the Rider 9yrs and Under 12yrs with "Bamborough Mickey-J
"DP Secret" Winning the Leading Rein Show Hunter Pony NE 12hh Rider under 8yrs

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