The October long weekend saw perfect weather for the Goyder Plains Carriage Driving Club to host the 2017 State Championships.  A field of 21 entered with 18 starters after some late scratchings.

Following tradition at Peterborough, the pre event BBQ was hosted at the Crossley’s to welcome competitors to the event and enjoy some social jovialities before the event proper.

GPCDA Patron Chris Malycha officially opened the event by singing the National Anthem prior to the first competitor driving dressage.

The grounds looked a picture, with both dressage arenas, the cones course and 6 of the 7 obstacles all easily observable and accessible from the shade of the clubroom verandah.

Megan Webb driving ‘Holly Rogers’

There were some excellent dressage tests driven on the Sunday with lovely turnouts presented before the Judges.  The cones course however proved to be more difficult than it looked with only one competitor driving a double clear!  Well done to Ellie Crossley in the Novice Pony class to achieve this.

The Marathon course ran through lovely pastoral country over a slashed grass track in cool clear conditions (after the morning fog lifted).  All horses and ponies went clear through the vet check and some brilliant times were run through the obstacles on great footing for the horses.

Over 60 people enjoyed a three course meal for the event dinner and competitors enjoyed home cooked cakes, slices and goodies supplied by GPCDA members in our Canteen on the grounds.

Class Champions:-
Novice Small Pony – Rosemary King
Novice Big Pony – Ellie Crossley
Novice Horse – Kim Norris
Intermediate Small Pony – Ree Tyas
Intermediate Big Pony – Shirley Crossley
Open Big Pony – Deb O’Dowd
Pony Pairs – Jill Billett

Jill Billett driving ‘Benny’s Way’ and ‘Golden Shoes Caitlyn’s Diamond’
Deb O’Dowd driving ‘Forestway Gemstone’
Ellie Crossley driving ‘Tenara Springs Twilight’
Rosemary King driving ‘Millwood Acacia’
Edward Grivell driving ‘Bobby’ in the level 4 event run concurrently with the championships
Shirley Crossley driving ‘Forestway Red Ned’
Denise Frahn driving ‘Ned’
Rhys Vaudin driving ‘Shangrala RPS Rockstar’
Ree Tyas driving ‘Burnburra Lycra’
Anna-Marie Vaudin driving ‘Kittle Composer’
Judi Carr driving ‘Anaranda Thomas’
Kim Norris driving ‘Steinway’
Di Jones driving ‘Frankdon Park Jumping Jack’ and ‘Frankdon Park Dancer’
Lawrie Tyas driving ‘Mingara Norman’
Leonie Hartshorne driving ‘Nanardine Monty’
Megan Webb driving ‘Holly Rogers’

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