Achieving the Right Frame of Mind

Calm, Connected, Responsive: Keeping these three words in mind is a great way to remind yourself what you need to do when warming your horse up or playing with him. It’s so easy to play the Seven Games or do Parelli Patterns but get in a bit of a rut by doing what you usually do, and not really getting your horse in the right frame of mind.

Ask yourself this: “What is my goal when I’m warming up?”

Most of us don’t really know what it is we’re shooting for, so in this article we’re going to show you how to be focused on a
particular outcome that is more mental and emotional than physical.

What’s the goal?

There are three goals

that Pat and I look for when warming up our horses: We need them to be calm, connected and responsive
throughout the session.

CALM: A horse cannot learn when he is not calm. Tension is not only the enemy of successful training, but it can be dangerous as well. The difference between tension and a horse blowing up is just a matter of seconds, so learning how to first get your horse calm is essential to your safety and success.   read the full article in Aug/Sept Issue of Eques Magazine



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