Somedays you just have to wonder, who in their wisdom comes up with planning of rings and schedules. Today the poor hacks started the day jammed into one sixth [half the ring size of what the ponies had] and  alongside them the galloway show hunters  got the other half.

Seems ridiculous that the ponies disappeared into the sunset with one third of the whole arena to work on, and the open show hunters no sooner got their gallop legs established before they were pulling up to stay within the arena, the first hack class novice 15.2 – 16hh had perhaps the best line up of hacks for the day, but again because of the arena and of course the showjumping right next door, you didn’t get to the see all of them at their best.

At royal level you would expect the planning of rings sizes to accommodate the size of the equine, children’s safety . ..its not okay to have kids with harness one side, jumping the other side, sort of makes for a accident waiting to happen.  Riders generally deserve a better deal, the cost of preparing horses and ponies for royals is an incredible burden these days, the least competitors should be welcome too, is a fair and reasonable working arena.

Anyway… to the results Best Novice Hack was the stunner Montilla owned by Jessica Dunn.  The Champion Show Hunter Galloway was won by Shauna Chaplin’s  Lancefield Park Rajah and yesterdays Best Novice Angela Forster’s  Yindarla Park Twilight took home the reserve.

Proofs from today are now online [click here]     Eques Magazine will have full reports and lots of photos…. watch our Eques page for when magazine is updated

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