What a great day it was at the Adelaide Royal today, there is nothing better than watching some serious saddle competition so strong in quality. It was also super to see some stunning horses making their first royal appearance. The Best Novice Show hunter was Angela Foster’s Yindarla Park Twilight. The Novice Galloways were also strong in class and quality, Jill Best who over the years has owned lovely show horses would have been more than pleased when her galloway Alpine Park Oceans took the sash for the Best Novice Galloway of the show. He is pictured opposite.

Putting some fun in the show, and the horses certainly enjoyed the chance to rip around the arena showing their jumping skills in the working hunter class 14-15hh. After their jumping round, each horse then had to work out on the flat the winner was Nicole Metcalfe’s Pandora Secret.

Full coverage of the Adelaide Royal will be in our Eques Magazine – due to work load and as we like to make the magazine special with lots of photos and full reports, the magazine will be updated at the end of the week.

Proofs from today are now online [click here]

A lovely touch to the show was the slide show of images from the show’s history archives flashing on the big screen, managed to capture of few of the images [sadly quality is not that hot because of the texture from screen but people can get the idea] I found out the images of the harness horses going down the main road was a annual ritual, all the harness horses would gather and go through the city prior to the shows opening to let the city folk know the show was in town.

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