The APOB Open Pony Dressage Championship is over for another year. Held at Werribee Park this is the events 13th year. It was actually started 14 years ago but had to be cancelled one year due to lack of entries. Open to any pony 14.2 & under with riders of any age for the EA tests, the event has been well supported again this year, partly we believe because there is no requirement for registration of the pony with any Society nor is membership required of the rider, which makes it a great event to bring out youngsters and also encourage younger or less experienced riders to have a go and try and master the complexities of “dressage”. All find of course that there are no complexities but merely a training scale that is set out by means of the different levels from Preliminary, where Walk, Trot & Canter are all that is required up to the more difficult levels of training at the Medium and Advanced levels where more technical training is indeed required.

We had a number competing with their ponies for the first time and we had the more serious senior riders competing at a higher level than that which they have done previously. All in a calm hassle free environment. We had some dramas first thing in the morning when a number of competitors were late arriving due to a traffic issue on the West Gate Freeway. This was easily overcome with the cooperation of our wonderful judges, who were more than happy to take the competitors at a later time slot.  Read full report ……….coverage is in our 2015 Autumn Magazine


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