The Mitsubishi Motors Australian International 3 Day Event  is underway and it’s time for the world to hear about it. Whilst Olympic gold medallist and former Event Director Gillian Rolton unfortunately cannot attend the event, she will be riding in spirit. Spread  #GillRidesWithUs across social media to show support for both the event and this sporting legend.

Madeline Wilson and Aces High score superbly on Dressage Day

Madeline Wilson and Aces High pictured above currently lead the Horseland CCI2* at the Mitsubishi Motors Australian International Three Day Event following the first day of competition on Thursday’s Dressage Day.

Wilson’s   punchy   dressage   test   earned  her   a   score   of   46.40   as   well   as   a   huge   cheer  from   the   crowds   at   the   main   arena   in   front   of   the   Adelaide   City   Council   Heritage  Grandstand.  In  second  place  is  Emma  King  and  DVZ  Chevalier  on  47.70,  and  in  third  place  is  Tegan  Lush  and  Touchstone  Felix  with  a  score  of  48.30.

Dr  Felicity-ann  Lewis,  Aus3DE  Chair,  said  the  first  day  of  dressage  had  set  the scene  for  an  exciting  weekend  of  competition.

“We  saw  some  fantastic  dressage  tests  today  in  the  Horseland  CCI2*  class  with  some  extremely  good  dressage  on  show  for  the  spectators.

3rd place Tegan Lush on ‘Touchstone Felix’
2nd place Emma King on ‘DVZ Chevalier’

Madeline’s  ‘Off  the  Track’  thoroughbred  performed  very  well  today  scoring  the  top  score  of  46.40  penalties.  She  is  closely  followed  by  Emma  King  and  Tegan  Lush,  both experienced  competitors  at  this  level.

With  a  rest  day  tomorrow  for  the  Horseland  CCI2*  riders,  Saturday’s  Qantas  Cross  Country  Day  will  be  an  exciting  competition  with  the  cross  country  course  sure  to  test  both  horse  and  rider,”  said  Dr.  Lewis.

Tomorrow   the   gates   will   open   at   8.00am   for   the   commencement   of   the   Pryde’s  Easifeed   Dressage   Day   with   the   first   horse   and   rider   combination   starting   at  9am   in  the    RM    Williams    CCI3*   competition.    The    lunch    break    will    feature    the    Pryde’s  Easifeed    Dressage    Masterclass    hosted   by    Australian   Olympian   Sam    Griffiths    at  approximately   11:50am,   followed   by   the   much   anticipated   Mitsubishi   Motors   CCI4*  Dressage    at    1:00pm,   featuring Olympians    Stuart   Tinney,   Megan    Jones,   Wendy  Schaeffer  and  last  year’s  winner,  Hazel  Shannon.

At  5pm  the  Barrister’s  Block  Twilight  Jumping  with  the  Stars  program  kicks  off,  with  free  entry  for  the  general  public  from  4.30pm.  Spectators  will  be  treated  to  two  classes  of  show  jumping  along  with  a  spectacular  display  of  horsemanship  with  Alycia  Burton’s  “Freerider”  demonstration,  where  she  will  jump  her  horse  ‘Goldrush’  with  no  bridle  or  saddle.

Get  down  to  the  Market  Place  for  an  evening  of  food,  drinks,  and  shopping.

The  Mitsubishi  Motors  Australian  International  3  Day  Event  (Aus3DE)  is  the  triathlon  of  horse  sports   and   the   pinnacle   of   equestrian   sport   in   Australia.   It   is   one  of   the   six  top  level  Federation  Equestre  Internationale  (FEI)  Classic  Series  events  held  around  the  world  annually.

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