Day 2 of the EV State Show Horse & Rider Titles at least today the sun is shining, but still the show lacks the atmosphere that the Barastoc show had and the numbers, when Victoria lost the RMS show as it was many years ago, the transfer went to the Barastoc Show, every year they introduced events to really make this show the biggest and the best.

News from the EV office “wait to see our new “vibrant”  format for the Barastoc show” and so we waited, waited and waited  ….no press releases, in fact unless you are bored enough to spend time visiting the EV website each day who would have known the NEW “vibrant” program had been released on 24/12/2014, the exciting program for the Barastoc EV State Titles consists of 10 classes only for EV members  …gone is the interstate competitors, International, Owner Riders, and so on, no classes for kids, it’s tragic to witness all that work to make it the best in the country ….gone.

The two day program as provided is not vibrant – it’s just the Victorian Show Horse titles in disguise.

So show horse members getting very little bang for their membership money by incorporating the State Titles that’s one main event for the year for showies, who pay the same as those in dressage who can find competitions every weekend.

The era of the greatest show in Australia has gone, all that hard work, and the opportunity for show horse enthusiast to get together for a five day holiday doing what we like best, showing, talking and having a good time with our mates.

But the sun is shining and there are some beautiful horses and ponies to watch, off to a great start is Ebonie Lee with the win in the Intermediate Rider one point ahead of Brynie Lee who took the runner-up sash.  Rider 18‐25 Abby Heffer winner had all 3 judges scoring her first, runner up was Stephanie Barrington and Rider over 25 years was Shelley Mc Guinness, runner up  Sarah French, the Championship for senior rider was won by Abby Heffer with Shelley Mc Guinness as reserve.

Small Pony Championship  winner was Newington Tinkerbell ridden by Brynie Lee owned by Roger Searle, runner up Radford Lodge Sweet Dreams ridden and owned by  Phoebe Sutton Kouros, such sweet little ponies. Even though this was a small class of 6 ponies the quality was right up there.

Intermediate Pony Championship Rosedale Songster pinched the win by one point ahead of runner up Harrington Park Symphony, Songster was ridden by Chanele Hunter‐Cooke and owned by Lynette Warburton, Ava Halloran rode Symphony for owner  Maddy Ginn.

Large Pony Championship was won by Katrina Kearns  Ace High of Sefton ridden by Darryl Hayes, runner up was  Globrook Select ridden by Indianna Shepheard and owned by Carolyn Alker.

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The Ridden Shetland champion was Gracedale Brittania ridden by Olivia Nairn, looking a treat the pair did a super job, it was lovely to watch them,  Brittania is owned by Debbie Ross. Kimba Krisp ridden by Brynie Lee and owned by Corinne Collins was the runner up. 

Small Galloway Championship was won by Fiona Kittson‐Walsh riding her own Langtree Royal Affair, lovely galloway with nice paces, runner up was Sanalirra Talk Of The Town owned by Bobby‐Jane Hammet  and ridden by Sheridan,  another super type.

Large Galloway Championship and seven horses presented, Royalwood Opening Night owned by  Sue Thompson took the win with 4 points clear from the runner up Silkwood Sublime owned by  Brynie Lee.

Off the Track LED ASB registered Throughbred was won by Hypnotic owned by Vienna Smith and runner up was Distanzia owned by Kerry Tempest‐Clarke. Off the Track ridden ASB was won by Distanzia owned and ridden by Kerry Tempest‐Clarke, runner up was Francesca Christie’s SLM Orlando ridden by Stephanie Barrington.

Small Hack Championship was won by Aspen Park Icon ridden owned by Belinda Cusworth and runner up Rescue Mission owned by Francesca Christie.

Francesca Christie is having a great day, her SLM Orlando ridden by Stephanie Barrington took out the Large Hack Championship, with Sarah McMaster’s Excellingly as the runner up.

Event coverage by Bridey Lee  for all proofs from this event

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