The day started with a super class of small show hunter galloways and very determined riders who all knew to get this sash there was to be no half hearted performances  …it was all or nothing. Lucky for all of  us on the sidelines, as we were treated to some strapping workouts.

The FIVE CARD EQUINE Grand National Small Show Hunter Galloway went to Langtree Accolade owned by Jan Langley, runner up was Congarinni BMW owned by Belinda Williams. Smartest on Parade was Double TT Debonair exhibited by Matthew Patterson and Edwina Lumsden. The top ten; Corndale Kiss & Tell, Relmsparc Sea Charm, Theresa Park Olivar Twist, Banbury Park Celebration, Ridgeview Park French Lace and Paulgreen Park Phoenix.

The MEL WALLER COUNTY SADDLES QLD Grand National Rider – 17yrs was won by Jayde Litster with runner up Annie Simmons, lovely riders selected from a top 10 of excellent young equestrians. Smartest on Parade wasLaura Shaw and the rest of the top 10:- Katherine Hocking, Tess O’Connor, Allara Paxton, Katelyn Stansfield , Madeleine Tabak, Tahlia Wells and Kayla Jayde Wheeler.

Judge Joanna Bates riding Nottingham Shower of Dreams

The “RIVENLEE FLOATS” Grand National Rider 17 Years & under 21yrs winner was Elyse Douglas and runner up was Hannah Pearson. In the top ten lineup we had Indya Povey, Tayla Anderson, Cloe Chester, Abby Heffer, Edwina Hutton-Potts, Elizabeth Laycock, Rose McEvoy and Samantha McMaster.

The CBC Constructions Grand National Small Galloway of the year for 2014 is Sonos Park Skyes the Limit owned by the Borg family, super little galloway with great paces put the pressure on and it paid off winning from a selection of top class galloways, not a easy class at all with such talented horses and riders all giving it their best on the day. Runner up was Buckwell Park Delusion owned by Zoe Grifett and ridden by Daryl Hayes, Smartest on Parade was Kolbeach Rosewood – Di MacDonald, Bayley and Linda Hayes exhibit. The top ten; Langtree Dignify, Gentry Park Impressions, Euston Dancestar,AP Wizardy, Rathowen Columbine, NP Shower Of Dreams and Bordershow Centrefold.

The EQUISSAGE Grand National Large Show Hunter Galloway finally after witnessing some very good types of true show hunters, the judging was complete with this years winner going to Midwave Resistance and Bronwyn Parker. Runner up was Wadbiliga Major Impact owned by Emma Louise Donnelly. Super top ten had in the line up; Unspoken Destiny, Lancefield Park Rajah, Kolbeach Farmer, Hibrie Xclusive, Cheraton Mikado, Sanlirra Puppet Show, Terra Felix XL and Salisbury My Guy.

The last class for today The “TUFFROCK” Grand National Large Saddle Galloway, Classic Image of Sefton ridden by Daryl Hayes owned by Ashley Reid took the title, with runner up Royalwood Pop Rock owned by Morelli and Bennett. The top ten was again a super strong selection, with Willowcroft Hot Topic, Hollys Galxy, Alpine Park Oceans, AP First Impressions, Glendon Brae Oscar, Wesswood Magic Caste, Bevanlee Folk Lore and Roseden Class Act, you would not find a better line up of top galloways anywhere.


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