Second day and once again it is all action out here at WPNEC, overcast – could be smoke haze still but conditions are nice and cool to start with but the humidty latter into the day made it a bit uncomfortable. The shetlands hit the main arena, and these mighty midgets of the horse world show that with correct training they are very capable saddle mounts, there were some lovely combinations who showed off super in their indivual workouts. Now Leading Rein events are always up there on the cute as scale, but pop a little jockey on a shetland and its adorable all the way.

So far today the winning shetlands: Ego SUNSENSE Newcomer Shetland winner was  Kristamoor Lodge Keiran Jane Gerber and runner up was Sue-Ellen Latham’s Daniel Park Royal Doulton. Super class of  Shetlands, work wise they may be little but credit to trainers these little guys are flying.

Shetland Leading Rein (Riders 3 – 7 yrs) winner was Daniel Park Royal Doulton with Charlie Latham in the saddle, runner up was Sienna Tailwind owned by Nicole Riemer with Stuart Ryan riding.

Photography by Bridey Lee   &  Sandy Morphett

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