The Department of Primary Industries says it doesn’t plan to mandate Hendra vaccines but will develop a policy on how to handle the virus at major horse events.

Yesterday in Tamworth, vets from the DPI met with industry groups for the first time in NSW since the vaccination has been introduced.

The manufacturers of the vaccine also joined the vets, to field questions from industry groups about what this’ll mean for biosecurity measures at events.

New South Wales chief veterinary officer Ian Roth says they made a lot of progress at the forum, but he’ll have to go away and continue to look at the issue.

“The question was certainly raised of how industry should handle the vaccination,” he said.

“One of the big questions was what would we do in the event of a suspect case of hendra in an big event, or worse still if you had confirmed case of hendra, because obviously there’s human problems as well as those with the horses.”  ABC Rural  Gavin Coote    read full artical

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