Second day of Hobart Royal and stepping out of a warm motel room the ‘cold’ was a real wakeup call! Let’s just say ‘ice cold’ would best describe the day. My daily walk up to the showgrounds turned into more of a jog and just making sure I was seeing what I thought ….I asked  the gate man ‘is that SNOW on the mountain’ it was and by george when the wind came from that direction you knew it. Nothing like an extreme drop in temperature to test ponies and peoples patience, some ponies showed their disgust at been out on the arena without their P’Js, whilst there was many walking horse blankets to be seen – nothing quite beats a horse rug to snuggle around you when we are talking cold as it was, not that the horses were happy about seeing their blankets on their human companions.

The second day of Hobart Royal is Pony Club day, so the arena was a sea of club colours – which PC kids take very seriously, ponies in matching browbands, club saddle blankets, actually they looked a treat. Trying to record results on a day like this is near impossible, as events rolled on very quickly and  some horses had no exhibit numbers [no1 pet hate of any photographer], so hopefully Carol will have them to us in time for the magazine feature on this show.

It was fun and some spills, but on the whole; lots of kids going in every direction,  all seeming to have a ball. The showjumping kicked off the day, followed by the games – point here, stand well to the sides of the rings; the ponies heading down the home straight sometimes don’t always stick to the game plan, so the idea I had of shooting some of the action from on the arena was abandoned quickly   *some brakes and steering problems and Im just not that quick these days to get out of the way. The next phase of the day was the ‘showing side’ which saw many of the mornings action ponies return in their show best for the judges: Darryl Bailey, Patricianne Cochranne, Carole Kitchener and Cathy Way.

Tomorrow the open show horses and ponies come onto the grounds, hopefully the dreadful ice wind will have gone  …if the tough little PC mounts were tested by it, the princesses of the show arena are not going to be happy with it at all, it may be a very interesting day!

Some proofs from today are online [click here]

Full coverage of the 2013 Hobart Royal will be in our Oct/Nov 2013 Eques Magazine after the show is finished.

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