garry2Garryowen the tradition continues!

The Garryowen, currently in its 81st year, is an event steeped in honour and tradition. It’s held as a memorial for Violet Murrell, a horse woman who in today’s  time would be considered a rebel and an inspiration.

Violet Murrell could ride, jump and race as well as any man, but in her day wasn’t allowed to achieve her dream of racing amongst the men due to it being a male-only sport. She was a gusty woman who earned the love and respect of her fellow riders and competitors through her amazing riding ability and horsemanship.

In 1934 Violet Murrell tried desperately to save her favourite horse ‘Garryowen’ from a stable fire but tragically, they both perished.

After her death, her fellow riders wanted to honour her and so in 1934, the Garryowen Memorial Trophy for equestriennes was established at the Royal Melbourne Show.

To enter and ride in this event is like no other. Competitors all wear the same outfits…only the fit or quality differs between each rider. The event is based on the girls’ riding ability, along with their attention to detail in their outfits, correct fitting saddlery, and conformation, manners and paces of their mount…. read more

full article in Eques Issue40

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