Where the country meets the city is the slogan, yet there is very little of country in the Royal these days. A shadow of its former glory with the emphasis on the carnival and gimmicky attractions rather than the roots which made Royals of the states something quite unique. The powers that sit behind the desks have worked away to cut down the agricultural side, in a way horse people should think themselves very lucky to even still be there,  gone are the days of seeing line ups of over 30 + horses waiting to go around in the prelims hoping for a call in, a competition arena that is referred to as the ‘postage stamp’ it is quite sad.    Victorian riders do have a reason to be annoyed, after all the Royal is their show but with limited stabling, limited entries taken,  getting  an acceptance is something else. Many people were left wondering just how the powers worked that one out, many had more than enough qualifications but at the end of the day many were saying it comes down to ‘who you know’ rather than ‘who should be there’  Personally with the down sizing the show can only have so many entries, so there is always going to be a number no matter how their qualifications look on paper that miss out.

Novice Ponies
Judge Mrs Leonie Walsh (QLD)
Today the ponies that have presented were of good type. The Novice Pony 12.2-13hh winner was Kerry Dunstan’s delightful little Malibu Park Pollini. The Novice Pony 13-14hh saw Mirinda Matinee Idol step up and out to win this class from a lovely field of ponies. Mirinda Matinee Idol is owned by J Haynes and went on to win the Best Novice Large Pony. Novice pony 12 and under was won by Dale Plumb’s Thorwood Hello Kitty, 12 – 12.2hh winner was the impressive Ascot Forever Amber owned by the Wardle Family. Best Novice Small Pony was Thorwood Hello Kitty.

Novice Show Hunter Pony
Ms Kelli Probert (SA)
The Best Novice Show Hunter Pony was also judged today coming through from winning their respected classes was F Sutherland’s Rivington Rock Star small pony winner and K Treneman-Duncan’s Owendale Rembrandt winner of the large pony. After a super workout it was Owendale Rembrandt with the Best Novice Showhunter sash.

Shetlands The little cuties of the equine world started with the judging of the Novice Shetland under saddle, Gracedale Glamis owned by Beardsley and Wardle took the blue ribbon. Shetland under 10hh was won by Charles and Edwards Lynvale Lodge Jazz, Shetland 10-10.2hh winner was Beardsley and Wardle’s Gracedale Glamis, the last class Child’s Shetland Pony was won by Mrs C Bellman nomination Thorpeville Trendy. The Champion for this years Melbourne Royal went to Gracedale Glamis, with Thorpeville Trendy as the reserve.

Child’s Ponies

Judge Mrs Leonie Walsh (QLD)

The childrens showhunter ponies stepped out; they are so cute and always bring some excitement to the arena as it seems the younger riders are more willing to really show some pace! The Showhunter 12.2 and under Ms M Labahn’s Owendale Mr Perkins, 12.2 -14hh winner was K Moore’s Morningside Penny Occasion who went on the be the Best Childs Show Hunter Pony of the show.

Open Child’s Pony 12.2hh and under saw the Fricker’s from SA impressive Falconhurst First Dance as the winner. The 12.2hh-14 winner was Dale Plumb’s Calvin Park Tiny Dancer. The Fricker girls proved strong competitors, with second place in both heights also going to their ponies; Silkwood Nutkin and Rathowen Free Spirit, to top of a great day they also claimed the Best Childs Pony with Falconhurst First Dance ridden by Caitlin Fricker .

Open Showhunter Ponies
Judge Ms Kelli Probert (SA)
A sensational class of showhunter ponies came out for the open classes. The under 12hh winner was the charming Bamborough Special Girl, such a lovely pony. The 12-12.2hh winner was Nicole and Danyel Riemer’s little showman Brandy Hollow Candyman ridden by Eleshia Kathryn, who went on to be the Champion Small Showhunter. The reserve was M Labahn’s Owendale Mr Perkins.

Champion Large Showhunter Pony and in the ring for the ride off there was 12.2-13hh winner K Moore’s Morningside Penny Occasion, 13-13.2hh J Haynes’s Rothwell Performing Arts and 13.2-14hh winner K Treneman-Duncan’s Owendale Rembrandt. Each pony was ridden exceptionally well but there can only be one winner and today it was Rothwell Performing Arts, with reserve Morningside Penny Occasion.

Reports each day – full coverage + more photographs will be in our Eques Magazine at the end of the show

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