A great day greeted all at Canberra today, lovely warm day and time for the open horses and ponies to shine.  A busy day with open ponies, galloways and hacks, along with APSB, TBs & Stock Horses.

Open Hack 16 – 16.2 hh was won by Clarke & Newman’s   Distanzia, 2nd Emily Lord   Lord Cairo, 3rd  Dale Plumb   DP Amazing, 4th  Sarah O’Connor   SLM Mercedes, 5th  Picasso Group,  Haynes,  Quayle &  Lawrie’s   Radiant and  6th  Keir, Canberra Park, Stepalong & Springfields Stud’s   Canberra Park Manhatton.

Child’s Hack was won by  Romsey Park & Sue Thompson’s Concerto ridden by Alice McEvoy, 2nd  Paul Austin & Mark Lilley  Chicago, 3rd  Syenna Vasilopoulos  High Fashion, 4th  Christie Francesca & Johnson-McNeil Family  SLM Mastermind, 5th  Brynn Clarke  LA and 6th  India Mitchell Royalwood Centre Stage.

Hack Mare showing Thoroughbred qualities won by Francesca Christie’s  SLM Exotica ridden with Steph Barrington,  2nd  Syenna Vasilopoulos – High Fashion, 3rd  Sarah Dempsey – Sarven Park Tell All, 4th  Bridget Sell – Alkyra Elegance, 5th  Shelley Riley and Peta Gallagher – Yule Tara’s Devine and6th  Michelle Paynter – Granduer Heart N Soul.

Gelding Hack showing Thoroughbred qualities winner  Clarke & Newman’s  Distanzia, 2nd  Annabel Mulready – D.P. Mayfair,  3rd  Picasso Group & Lawrie & Bawden – Worldly, 4th  Indya Povey – Lyndam Park Jimmy Choo, 5th  Stephanie Barrington & Francesca Christie – SLM Orlando and 6th  Farrow & Lipp – Kholo

Gentlemans Hack  was won by Sarah O’Connor’s SLM Mercedes, 2nd  Belinda Cusworth – Aspen Park Icon, 3rd  Paul Austin & Mark Lilley – Chicago, 4th  GC Equestrian & Jemma Hine – GCE Maserrati, 5th  Romsey Park & Christine Frost – SLM Prestige and 6th  Rachel-Jane Weaver – Jarendan Just It.

Open Lightweight Small Galloway won by  Sonos Park & Borg Family’s  Skyes The  Limit, 2nd  BC Equine & Uchtman’s  Sanlirra Talk Of The Town, 3rd  Joanne Stewart  Kolbeach Ensign, 4th  Alexandra & Amelia O’Sullivan  Donlea In The Moment, 5th  Fiona Durham  Whitewood Distant Magic and 6th  Sarah Young  Bordershow Centrefold.

Lightweight Large Galloway Hack was won by Bailey, Christie & Cullen’s – Royalwood Opening Night, 2nd  Morelli Family & Joanne Prestwidge – AP First Impressions, 3rd  Sarah Ryan – Hollys Glaxy, 4th  Melissa Oven – Laser Encore, 5th  Slater Sallie – Bayview Toyboy and 6th  Strathford Park & Strath’s – Strathford Davinchy

Open Heavyweight Small Galloway winner was Zoe Griffett Buckwell Park Delusion, 2nd  Alcorn, Jenkins & Sumner   Swanreach Rare Edition, 3rd  Terry Van Heythuysen & Greg Mickan’s Langtree Royal Affair, 4th  Bailey & Christie   Kolbeach Contata, 5th  Chelsea Walker  Beckworth Magic Memories and 6th  Mia Henderson   Kamilaroi Wizard Town.

 Heavyweight Large Galloway Hack won by Jillian Best’s  – Alpine Park Oceans, 2nd  Francesca Christie & Johnson-McNeil Family – Chippenham Zulu, 3rd  BC Equine, Wesswoods, Burns & Banks – Magic Caste, 4th  Trish and Rebekah Bennett – Royalwood Pop Rock, 5th  Pavia Family – Double TT Evita and 6th  Isabella Martin, JR Equestrian – Glendon Brae Oscar.

 Open Pony Hack  not exceeding 11.2 hands winner was  Romsey Park & Sheree Pengelly  Murraydale Park Calum, 2nd  Myee Stud  Kenda Park Snowflake, 3rd  Lisa Luketic  Deeplake Tinkerbell and 4th  Thomas McGregor  Powys Heavenly Bliss.

Open Pony Hack 11.2 – 12hh 1st  Phoebe Sutton Kouros  Radford Lodge Sweet Dreams,  2nd  Tremayne Stud & Paine   Mondiso Park It’s All About Me,  3rd  Sharon & Charlotte  Gillespie Yartarla Park Louis Vuitton,  4th  Victoria & Caitlin  Fricker Silkwood Nutkin,  5th  Rosemary Gough Jirrima Unofficial Superstar and 6th  Alcorn, Jenkins and Sumner – Swanreach Baby Doll

Open Pony Hack 12-12.2hh winner was Christie & Haynes  Whitmere Pop Your Buttons, 2nd  Victoria & Caitlin  Fricker Falconhurst Reflection, 3rd  Argyl Stud’s  Argyl Royal Flush, 4th  GC Equestrian & Jordan McDowall   Rothwell Song Sung Blue, 5th  Panetta, Dominella & De Leeuw   Langtree Justice and  6th  Krystle McInnes   Bayview Sweet Nothings.

Open Pony Hack 12.2-13hh winner was  Hamlot Park & YAHS – Wirrum Park Just Lookin, 2nd  Kerry Dunstan – Malibu Park Pollini, 3rd  Glenn De Leeuw & SJM Equine – Merivale Park Royal,  4th  Taylor Family & Brendan Park – Willowcroft Miss Saigon, 5th  Marcia Beard – Rhyl Minuet and 6th  Allan Dillingham – Highcroft Minuet

Open Pony Hack  13-13.2hh won by Crisp & Lawrie’s Kolbeach Starlight, 2nd  Emma Richardson – Barrington Park Ribbons And Bows, 3rd  Kym & Lauren Ellery & Jill Goldsmith – Wynara Midnight Serenade, 4th  Catherine Cooke – Langtree Fairplay 5th  Jan Langley – Langtree One Wish and 6th  Dale Plumb – Calvin Park Tiny Dancer

Pony Hack  13.2-14hh winner was Lucinda Fraser’s  Hollys Tribute, 2nd  Julie Crisp – Hollys Work Of Art, 3rd  Katrina Kearns & Debbie Etheridge – Ace High Of Sefton, 4th  Argyl Stud & Sue Castely – Argyl Star Attraction, 5th  Lynda Hayes & Vicki Pisciotta & Hendricks – Kolbeach Aristocrat and 6th  Godfrey, Skinner & Murray – Robbanie Mister Squiggle

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