The Goyder Plains Carriage Driving Association hosted the Peterborough Driving Classic, a combined driving event and SA Carriage Driving Dressage Championships. The two day championship weekend featured carriage drivers competing in dressage, marathon and cones.

Anna-Marie Vaudin driving ‘Kittle Composer’
Ree Tyas driving ‘Burnburra Lycra’
Ellie Crossley driving ‘Marnna Park Up Beet’
Anne Perry driving ‘Pangkala Miss Missy’
Shirley Crossley driving ‘Forestway Red Ned’
Anne Lindh driving ‘Rosebrook Rhythm n Blues’

Photography by Andrew Graham –    Kangra Photo GRAPHIC ACTION

Kim Norris driving ‘Steinway’
Graham Mercer driving ‘Bain Park Phoenix’
Rhys Vaudin driving ‘Rivington Northstream’
Liz Trigg driving ‘Loch Sloy Sydney’
Di Jones driving ‘Frankdon Park Dancer’

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