The ‘Peterborough Classic’ is held on the Adelaide Cup long weekend in March every year.

The 3 phase event (Dressage, Marathon & Obstacles and Cone Driving) is conducted by the Goyder Plains Carriage Driving Club located at the Peterborough Rodeo Grounds and adjoining farmland used for the marathon phase.

In 2017, the event attracted 19 competitors from all over S.A. including Pt Lincoln, Adelaide Hills, Murray Bridge and Peterborough districts.
All types of horse breeds and heights were represented – Shetlands, New Forest, Welsh, Hackney, Standardbred and Warmblood.

A great weekend of carriage driving was enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike!
Shirley Crossley

Photography by:  Kangra Photo Graphic Action

Kim Norris driving ‘Isle of Columbia’
Megan Webb driving ‘Holly Rogers’
Lawrie Tyas driving ‘Mingara Norman’
Shirley Crossley driving ‘Forestway Red Ned’
Edward Grivell driving ‘Sugar’ and ‘Spice Girl’
Anna-Marie Vaudin driving ‘Kittle Composer’
Rhys Vaudin driving ‘Rivington Northstream’
Elizabeth Trigg driving ‘Marnna Park Up Beet’
Deb O’Dowd driving ‘Forestway Gemstone’
Judi Carr driving ‘Sir Ollie of Grammies Place’

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