It is quite concerning that progressively more ponies and horses are affected by this condition every year, despite increasing awareness amongst horse owners and more and better research.

Understanding the functions of a healthy hoof and why metabolic problems as discussed above can manifest in laminitis and founder. Remember prevention is better than fixing, as there is a lot of avoidable pain in between. Without getting lost too much in the science and “trade lingo”, we need to find a way to summarize, understand and get better in preventing and more successful in treating laminitis and founder! Owners and professionals need to work together, where owners must start to take responsibility more and professionals must educate more. It is often too late for a swift recovery without permanent and lifelong consequences once the professionals have to get involved! Prevention is paramount for a lifetime of soundness.
There can be a number of “metabolic trigger events” that can affect any equine breed to become vulnerable and succumb to this debilitating disease.

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