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Autumn 2016

Issue 40/2015

Issue 40/2015



ASSP National Show
Adelaide Royal
More than grooming
Royal Queensland Show
Off the Track National Show Horse Championship
ASPR Open EA Dressage Day
Road to Dressage
UK Horse of the Year Show
Maximum healing, minimum time frame
ESA Horse of the Year Show
Lynda Hayes talks about the Garryowen
QLD State Riding Pony Show
Royal Melbourne Show
FEI World Cup Dressage
Geelong Royal
Boneo Dancing Horse Dressage Championships

Winter 2015

Winter 2015




Shockemohle stallions progeny shine
Saddleworld MI3DE
Staying on Track
Kleener’s corner
About abscesses
Feeding management in winter
Moody mare or is she in pain
Vital Lessons for Young Horses
Laminitis, founder, no equine is safe

Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015

Bass Coast Summer Show
Product review
Battle of the Borders 2015
Famous stallion cloned
Pacific Coast Hack Champs
SHCV Masters Horse of the Year
Improve your riding
Kleeners corner
CHI Al Shaqab
EV State Titles
Royal Adelaide Autumn Show
DJWS 2015
Sydney Royal Show
Driven Dressage Champs
SA Carriage Dressage & CDE
APOB PD Championships

Summer 2015

Summer 2015

World’s Most Famous Show
The Rider Scale
2014 State Combined Driving
Kleener’s corner
Nutrient Deficiencies in Diets
NSW Horse of the Year
NSW All Welsh Show
SA Horse of the Year
Bach Flower Remedies
Improve your riding
Australian International 3DE
NSW Annual Riding Pony Show
Vital Lessons for Young Horses
ASPR Open Dressage
2014 SHCV Masters
SA Dilute Championships
2014 Equitana


Oct-Nov 2013

SHCV Junior Equestrian Showcase
‘Dressage4Kids’ USA style
From cutting to dressage, Jacks Wild Child
Feeding the Laminitic horse
NSW Riding Pony Show State Show
Cavalia: A Magical Encounter
The love of horses into art
Longines Global Champions Tour Vienna Austria
Problems Versus Progress
Castle Hill Spring Show
Dreams…. they do come true, Kristen Nicholl
Improve: Carry Your Hands
The World’s Most Famous Horse Show – UK HOY
NSW All Welsh Show
Hobart Royal Show
Vic Welsh Feature
South Australia Horse of the Year


Sept 2013

SA ASPR Pony Dressage Challenge
VIC ASPR Open Dressage Challenge
Adelaide Royal Show
Melbourne Royal
Bulli Show
Betty J Tupper Memorial Show
Campbelltown Show
Leisure Coast Hack, Hunter & Breed Show
Is Showing Dying?
Aiming for the Paralympics
Level Your Chin
How to do one-eighth turns
Spring into Action
Valkenswaard Longines Global Tour

August Issue 2013

August Issue 2013

Qld Dressage Festival
Global Tour Chantilly
NSW SHC Junior Show
New Horse Museum
Trotting towards the Garryowen
NSW All Breeds Foal Show
Feeding the broodmare
Breeding for the future
Stirrup Bar Spacers
Right frame of mind


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