Galloway day and what a busy day with all show hunter and open galloway classes as well as intermediate rider classes.

The day started with the novice show hunter classes these classes were not huge but certainly had some quality. The winner of the novice show hunter galloway 14.2 to 15hh was Kara Woolcocks Wildfire Northern Poet and the winner of the novice 14 to 14.2 was Barringtons and Wights Wizard Town beautifully ridden by Stephanie Barrington  these two went on to  take the Best novice show hunter galloway and later in the day the champion open show hunter galloway, a popular win it was with cheers of delight from the crowd, the reserve was also a popular choice in Sefton Queen of Hearts for J & R equestrian who seem to be having a pretty good show so far picking up among others the Best Novice and Open Show Hunter Pony Championship with Imperial Prince.

Article & Photography by
Bridey Lee
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Best Novice Galloway, Emily Murray’s Monument park Superstar
Novice Galloway Jacqueline Devrome and Gordon Park Royal Avenue
Madelon McDonald rode and Cheraton Cool Waters Champion Childs Hunter Galloway
Reserve Champion Childs Show Hunter Galloway Royal Queen Of Sefton
Champion Childs Galloway Kate Kyros Kolbeach Hollys Diamond

In the child’s show hunter galloways Madelon McDonald and her very well performed  Cheraton Cool Waters worked there way to the champion. In the open childs galloway the champion was Kate Kyros and Kolbeach Hollys Diamond a very nice combination who found the task easy, reserve was Brynie Lee and Silkwood Sublime.

The open galloways were full of quality with any number of horses who could have claimed the championship but in the end the beautiful Royalwood Chorus of Love for G Gerry and L Cleary. Reserve was the equally nice and very popular Wesswoods Magic Caste ridden by Briony Randle.

The small pony champion was Kellie Withers Rosedale Pop Secret a very pretty pony with movement to burn beautifully ridden by his little jockey. Reserve was Harrington Park Symphony another pretty  pony who didn’t have trouble covering the ground.

The best novice pony 12.2 and under Rosedale Pop Secret was and the Best Novice Large Pony Keiron Little Drummer Boy.  The show hunter pony classes was dominated by Imperial Prince who won both the Best Novice Show Hunter and Large Show Hunter Pony Championship, the reserve was Kolbeach Hollys Twitter. The champion small show hunter pony was Owendale Beesting and Eagle Park Casino reserve.

Lady's Show Hunter Galloway, over 14 hands and not over 15 hands Dianne Mcdonald Dunelm Icon
Reserve Champion Galloway over 14 hands and not over 15 hands Burns and Banks Wesswoods Magic Caste
Best Novice and Champion Show Hunter Galloway Barrington and Wight Wizard Town
Cunnoo Destinys Blueprint
Lentara Harveston ridden by Francesca Christie
Fiona Beer's Waymere Oaks Legend
Light Weight Galloway over 14.2 hands and not over 15 hands Sue Thompson and Royalwood Opening Night
Champion Intermediate Rider 15 and under 18 years Brynie Lee and SLM Valentino
Claudia McCormick and Leanda Hello Dolly
Evangeline and Cassie Parsons and Del lee Otis
Regalbrook Razzle Dazzle and Jessica Fraser
Oak Park Paramount

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