Glorious weather for the start of the South Australia Horse of the Year, with today the main events Newcomer Showhunters and the Open Showhunters winners who will go onto the big one …the Nationals in December. Just a reminder to those wanting to attend the Nationals tickets are selling fast, so you may want to secure your seat sooner than later.  We also had some of the riding classes plus a host of events including the Graduate, Owner Rider and the Leading Rein Pony of the year.

The start of the day saw the delightful Farleigh Athina – Brianna Duncan-Coward set the pace winning the Newcomer Showhunter Pony. Farleigh Stud in NSW has a reputation for producing some of the best showhunter ponies in the show ring today and one important thing that does stand out with this studs name is how lovely, even tempered their stock is, yes they have the ‘looks’ and ‘movement’ which has seen the stud name win at National level, but couple that with temperament makes them much sort after.

The Newcomer Showhunter Galloway was the brilliant Yindarla Park Twilight owned by Angela Forster. The Newcomer Showhack was Kerry Micke’s Boongala Flashman.

Another little standout was the Leading Rein winner, SA does seem to be the leaders with this event, a huge class top quality ponies and riders, with handlers who would not seem out of place at Fashion of Field on raceday. The winner was Bianca Evans on the ripper little pony Armanii Park Peter Pan.

The open showhunter with some top class exhibits presented to judges Peter Gardiner (Vic), Edwina Cullen (NSW) and Christie Hall (NSW) it has been said the showhunters in Australia have really come of age and in a few sections today really showed this as been true.

Absolutely adorable was the little Armanii Park Peter Pan, foot perfect with his jockey Bianca Evans on board, the tiny duo cut a very professional figure to win the Showhunter Small Pony of the Year, runner up was Chelsea Nelson’s Rivington Banknote. The Medium Showhunter Pony of the Year was a super class of ponies, with standout Fairview Firebird ridden by Darci Walsh as the winner, Courtalia Park Sarnau as runner-up.

Showhunter Large Pony was Kelli Probert’s Elmdale Park Oliver with runner up Louisa Smith’s Dunelm Sequin.

The next excellent class of showhunters was the galloways and hacks, the Small Showhunter Galloway of the Year …tough class this one, Ridgeview Park French Lace last year made her debut, as we know 12months in a horses training and maturing can make a huge difference, she worked a treat for Margot Haynes to win the title. Brianna Duncan-Coward Corndale Kiss and Tell was runner up, so two exceptional galloways head for the Nationals from the SA. The Large Showhunter Galloway was won by Shauna Chaplin’s Lancefield Park Rajah, a great workout sealed the deal for this one, runner up was Abby Clark’s Donlea Valentino who also produced a lovely flowing workout.

The Small Showhunter Hack was won by Lesley Burrows Dark Secrets and runner up was Sadie Michell’s History. The Large Showhunter Hack was another standout class, after the announcement of placings up to second place the two horses left …well serious it could have gone either way as both are super types and produced such even solid workouts but can only be one winner [good news is both go to the Nationals] Melissa Karutz’s MP Royalty with runner up Rachel Lawrie’s Diamond Edition.

Proofs are online [click here]

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