Trends owned by Joe Baxter & Tamra Keppel
Charmosa Creme Brulee owned and exhibited by Tenielle Ubank
Tigerlilly ridden by Phil Bobic and owned by Melissa Waller
Barn Hill Piccalo Ridden by Isabella Anderson
Owendale Butter Schnapps owned by Peter Hudson & Sean Aylett
Dicavalli Royal Glitter owned and exhibited by Amanda O'Sullivan
Elvonara Park Merlin Owned by Tara D'Hondt
Bamborough Jazzell Ridden by Megan Plucknett Exhibited by Michelle Labahn
Kristamoor Lodge Kieran with Phoebe and Samuel Blanc
Langtree Gigglepot owned by Melissa Waller and Ridden by Amelia Waller

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