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Getting young horses out and about in open company can be hard, starting your young horse against seasoned horses can feel like a complete waste of time and the extra atmosphere can prove to be too hard for a lot of young horses.  The Victorian Show Horse Council had the foresight to offer these horses and ponies their own classes with the introduction of a Debutante show horse show.  321 young horses started in this years show covering 14 classes covering both open and show hunter classes

Debutante Newcomer Small Galloway Farleigh Solveig

Report & Photography by
Bridey Lee
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Small open pony was Elizabeth and Rhonda Daly’s  Royal Oak Figurine a super cute pony with movement to burn, this combination also had success in the All States Showdown winning the child’s small pony and Small Pony Of The Year, good things do come in small packages!

The Debutante Large Pony was Emma Richardson’s Whitmere Manhatten another super moving  pony .

Farleigh Solveig shone through for judge Kirsten Strath in the Small Hunter Galloway  and Terry Van Heythuysen,s  Aria Vallegro won the Large Hunter Galloway.

Debutante Newcomer Large Show Hunter Hack Warrawee Diamantee

Debutante Newcomer Large Show Hunter Hack Warrawee Diamantee

In the hack classes Tonia Scaife was delighted to see her DS Tulara Fursandro take the champion Small Hack class after winning the runner up small hack championship at yesterdays All States Show Down.

Monique Nobles hack Konnections won the Large Hack class ridden by Briony Randle.

In the show hunters the Small Pony Championship went to the Plumb family with the super type DP Chocolate who certainly looked yummy enough to eat.

The large pony was Diane Orchard’s Fontain Park Sir Harvey who looked strikingly similar to DP Chocolate,  lucky they were in separate classes  as both were super ponies it would have been hard to separate them.

The Show Hunter Small Galloway class unfortunately only had two starters and Kathryn Hayes  Ashtan Park Tuxedo took the win, Tuxedo is super pretty and a lovely type who I am sure will go on to bigger and better in the future.

The Large Galloway Champion was Beverly Richards Ariston Liaison who was unfortunately the only exhibit shown.

There has been a little bit of a grumble about warmbloods coming out and dominating in the show hunter hack classes, well why wouldn’t they dominate when they come out the quality we are seeing at the moment,   Small Show Hunter was AKA Rumor and  DS Tulara Fursandro who won the Debutante Small Hack,   beautiful horses that  moved with such  eloquence.

The large show hunter hack classes produced just that, some very large animals! special note to the size of Tamara Kemps massive BHI Cayman who measure dead on 17.2hh, lucky he is super quiet , he was  beautifully ridden by Brooke Verwey Mitchell for 3rd in the large hunter class . The winner of the class was the super pretty Warrawee Diamantee for Elizabeth Krog

It has been great to see this show go from strength to strength and we look forward to seeing it continue to do so,  a great opportunity and show to get they youngsters out  without the pressures of open company!

Debutante Newcomer Large Show Hunter Hack Warrawee Diamantee
Debutante Newcomer Small Show Hunter Hack AKA Rumor has it
Debutante Newcomer Large Show Hunter Pony Fontain Park Sir Harvey
Debutante Newcomer Large Hack Konnections
Debutante Newcomer Small Show Hunter Galloway Ashtan Park Tuxedo
Debutante Newcomer Small Show Hunter Pony DP Chocolate
Debutante Large Pony Whitmere Manhatten
Warmblood, 'DS Tulara Fursandro' Debutante Small Hack winner.


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