The 2013 SHCV Masters Horse of the Year is one of the popular events down here in Victoria, held over two days at out Equestrian Centre in Werribee.  The Victorian committee runs a tight ship; emphasis is on providing their members with value for money, events that are very social and run with precision to keep it both entertaining and easy for competitors to enjoy the event.

Judges were Julie Taylor, Greg Gerry, James Anthanasoff, Bernadette Warren, Lia Blacket and Libby Went.

Early stand outs for the first day, Julie Conti owner of Dreamtime Stud is renowned for breeding beautiful horses with looks and movement, rarely out of the winners circle on a good day and today was a very good day so far! Small Debutante Hack, Intermediate Small Hack sashes with the stunning Dreamtime Revenge. Popular rider and trainer Clint Bilson’s Sharinga Spellbound was runner-up Intermediate Small Hack, as normal Clint had this lovely horse sitting up and travelling freely, putting on a super show.

Another breeder and show producer Shelley Penny was back in the winner circle with her home bred stock, runner up to Julies Revenge in the Debutante small hack with Sheldene Chicago, winning the Large Pony and the  Debutante Pony 12.- 14hh class with Sheldene Café.

Graham Elliott eye has never struggled to find beautiful horses with Iconic winning the Large Debutante Hack. While Terry Van Heythuysen shows his mastery with producing ultimate show horses and ponies, with Greg Mickan in the saddle these two producers are really standing out these days. Wining the Small Debutante Galloway and the Intermediate Small Galloway with their Langtree Royal Affair.

Dunelm Stud here in the Gippsland is another boutique styled stud, producing ponies and galloways that are standouts in the APSB rings and just as successful in the open arena. Winning the Intermediate Large Galloway, runner-up Large Debutante Galloway was Melissa Molloy owned Dunelm Enchantment, runner-up Debutante Show Hunter Galloway was Dianne Macdonald & Tony Bayley Dunelm Icon.

Day 2 of the Masters Horse of the Year. The rain once again has left Werribee park grounds looking worse for wear, lovely red mud, lots of puddles but dedicated exhibitors fronted up again to get the show started.

Well done to Sue Thompson who just won the Small Hack of the Year with Concerto, looking and working a treat, such a lovely hack in all ways. The Howe family took hold of the Large Showhunter Pony class winning both the title and runner up award, with Owendale Barley Sugar  and runner up Weston Park Vivaldi.

The well performed show hunter pony Meteor Showers owned and ridden by Nicole Riemer continues to dominate the showhunter ring, winning in fine form the Small Showhunter Galloway of the Year. Another showhunter who has had an incredible career is the Large Showhunter Galloway winner Salisbury My Guy but this time the win was extra special as his owner Jodie Vanbreugel took over the ride.

The Plumb family is having a great show, Daizi Plumb so far today has the runner-up Small Pony of the Year with their T J Royal Secret, Large Pony of the Year with Calvin Park Tiny Dancer and they just won the runner up Small Show Hunter Pony with Bamborough Special Girl. The winner of the Small Show Hunter was the delightful Owendale Mr Perkins a small pony with such huge movement, owned by Michelle Labahn.

Small Show Galloway winner was Sanlirra Talk of the Town owned by Cherrie Uchtman and ridden by Briony Payne, a lovely performance by a seasoned performer. The Large Galloway of the Year was Royalwood Concerto who always puts on such a powerful performance, owned by Jane Shaw.

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Day 1 Results

Debutante Show Hunter Hack over 15hh
HB Beautiful Encounter
Jamie Carson Pink I Am Abby Heffer

Debutante Hack, over 15hh – 16hh
Dreamtime Revenge Julie Conti
Sheldene Chicago Shelley Penny

Debutante Hack, over 16hh
Iconic Graham Elliott
Excellingly Sarah Mcmaster

Debutante Pony, 12.2hh and under
Victoria Tower Sequel Danyel Riemer
Drumeden Circus Emma Richardson

Debutante Show Hunter Galloway over 14-15hh
Sanlirra Puppet Show Beverley Richards
Dunelm Icon Dianne Macdonald & Tony Bayley

Debutante Galloway, over 14- 14.2hh
Langtree Royal Affair Van Heythuysen & Mickan
Ascot Party Song Angela Carter

Large Pony over 12.2hh and not exceeding 14hh
Sheldene Café Shelley Penny
Mirinda Matinee Magician Blaine Perkins

Debutante Galloway, over 14.2- 15hh
Classic Image of Sefton Ashley Reid
Dunelm Enchantment Melissa Molloy

Intermediate Small Galloway
Langtree Royal Affair Van Heythuysen & Mickan
Linkwood Aristocrat Sue Lyons

Debutante Show Hunter Large Pony 12.2 – 14hh
Burnewang Evermore R & KMetherall
Langtree Olympian  Sarah Berry  Ruby Christoph

Intermediate Large Galloway
Dunelm Enchantment Melissa Molloy
Uhavta Jackpot Joanna Devrome Emma Richardson

Debutante Pony, over 12.2hh not exceeding 14hh
Sheldene Café Shelley Penny
Bamborough Mickey J Bree Petrie

Debutant Small Show Hunter Pony
Sarven Park Succeed N Excel Danyel Riemer
Silkdale Ruffian Judy Ivory

Intermediate Small Hack
Dreamtime Revenge Julie Conti
Sharinga Spellbound Clint Bilson

Intermediate Large Hack
Sarven Park Tell All Sarah Dempsey
Chosen One Shae Hanger

Debutante Pony, 12.2hh and under
Phantom Park Mannequin Jade Gilbert
Drumeden Circus Emma Richardson

The Gilt Edge Cup
D P Amazing
SLM Mercedes

Junior Equestrian Challenge
Daizi Plumb
Izabella Mcintyre

Park Hack 14.2hh & not exceeding 15.2hh
Chippenham Zulu
Wesswoods Magic Caste

Day 2 Results

Rider under 12
Ebonie Lee
Ava Halloran

Rider 12 – 15
Sally Shaw
Briony Lee

Rider 15 – 17
Maddy Tabak
Sarah McMaste

Rider 17-21
Lillian McEvoy
Rebekah Carrolan

Rider 21 – 30
Stacey Oakley
Laura Golding

Rider over 30
Kerryn Golder
Natalie McKay

Shetland of the Year
Thorpeville Trendy Carolyn Bellman
Fairlightacres Carly Emma Miller-Olsen

Small Pony of the Year
Harrington Park Symphony Sarah Ginn
T J Royal Secret Daizi Plumb

Large Pony of the Year
Calvin Park Tiny Dancer Daizi Plumb
Rhyl Minuet Marcia Beard

Small Show Galloway
Sanlirra Talk of the Town Cherrie Uchtman
Gentry Park Impressions Jane Mitchell

Large Galloway of the Year
Royalwood Concerto Jane Shaw
Chippenham Zulu Sally Morphy

Small Hack of the Year
Concerto Sue Thompson
Sheldene Chicago Shelley Penny

Large Hack of the Year
DP Amazing Dale Plumb
Distanzia Kerry Tempest-Clarke

Small Show Hunter Pony
Owendale Mr Perkins Michelle Labahn
Bamborough Special Girl Dale Plumb

Large Show Hunter Pony
Owendale Barley Sugar George & Megan Howe
Weston Park Vivaldi George & Megan Howe

Show Hunter Small Galloway
Meteor Showers Nicole Riemer
RUNNER UP Banbury Park Celebrations

Large Show Hunter Galloway
Salisbury My Guy Jodie Vanbreugel
Cheraton Mikado Jacqueline Moloney

Small Show Hunter Hack
Dymondz Beverley Richards
HB Beautiful Encounter Jamie Carson

Large Show Hunter Hack
Abercorn Inca Moon Brendan Mckenzie
Di Cavalli Don Sebastian Elizabeth Krog

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